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Manufacturer(s) Mendocino Game Company
Designer(s) Scott Peterson
Publication date 1978
Genre(s) Board game
Players 2-4
Age range 8 and up
Playing time 15 minutes

Pirateer is a board game created by Scott Peterson in 1978 originally named Privateer,[1] and later published by the Mendocino Game Company in 1995.[2] The game's objective is to either return the treasure to home port or to capture all opponents' ships using movement restricted by dice rolls, trade winds, and currents[3]

In 1996, it was one of five games to win the Mensa Select Award for board games.[4] It was also named "Game of the Year" by the Wisconsin State Journal.[5]

Mendocino Game Company[edit]

The Mendocino Game Company, based in Mendocino County, California, began publishing Pirateer in 1995.[6]

In 2002, the Mendocino Game Company ceased producing Pirateer. Scott Peterson unsuccessfully sued board members for misappropriating trade secrets, breaching their fiduciary duty and conspiring to seize control of the company. The board members counter-sued and in 2009 a Mendocino County jury ordered Scott Peterson to pay $791,000 to investors and members of the company’s board of directors in restitution and punitive damages for defamation.[1][6]


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