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Pirzada Qasim
پیرزادہ قاسم
Born 8 February 1943
Dehli, India
Nationality Indo-Pakistani
Fields Neuroscience
Institutions Nazeer Hussain University
Karachi University

Ziauddin University

Federal Urdu University of Arts, Sciences & Technology
laboratories of Lord Walton of Detachant
Alma mater University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Known for Intellectual and work in Urdu

Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui (Urdu: پیرزادہ قاسم رضا صدیقی‎) (born 8 February 1943) is a noted Indo-Pakistani scholar, Urdu poet[1] scientist and educationist. He is serving as Chancellor of the Nazeer Hussain University.[2]


Pirzada was born on 8 February 1943 to an educated, Urdu-speaking family in Delhi, India. After the partition of Pakistan and India in 1947, he continued his studies in Pakistan and received his intermediate from D J Science College in Karachi and BSc (H) from University of Karachi. He earned his PhD at Newcastle University, England. He started his career as a lecturer at the University of Karachi and became a professor. He has been associated with the University's Department of Physiology since 1960. He also served as Vice-Chancellor at the Federal Urdu University, University of Karachi and Ziauddin University. He is currently the Chancellor of Nazeer Hussain University.[3] He has written several books in English and Urdu, including Urdu poetry.[4]


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