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Pisau belati papua.jpg
Place of originNew Guinea:
 Papua New Guinea
 Indonesia (West Papua (province) and Papua (province))
Service history
Used byPapuan people (notably Asmat people)
Length13.25 inches

Blade typeSpike
Hilt typeHuman femur or Cassowary bone

Pisuwe is a dagger from New Guinea Island. Ndam pisuwe[1] or Ndam emak pisuwe are those that are made with human femur bone and Pi pisuwe are for those that are made with Cassowary bone.[2] Prior to the colonization of the Dutch in the 1950s, these daggers are carried by the Asmat people[1] and they are used only in ritual killings.[2] These daggers are usually embellished with Cassowary feathers at the pommel and decorated with carved in artworks depicting humans and animals.[1] Papuan men would wear this dagger as part of their traditional attire during customary ceremonies by girding it on the side of their waist.[3]


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