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Pivara Tuzla d.d. is a brewery in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was founded in 1884 by the name of "ERSTE DAMPF BRAUEREI" with the production capacity of 5.000hl per year. By the First World War it was already producing approximately 25.000hl per year. During the First World War production was terminated for the period of 5 years. At the beginning of the Second World War it stopped its production again and started producing in 1948. In 1962. It began with the cycles of continued reconstruction and reached annual production capacity of 300.000hl. Next reconstruction cycle for the production programme of approximately 500.000hl began in 1990.

Tuzla Brewery

After the last war in this region, Pivara Tuzla has been forced to look up for the new products considering decrease in sale in relation to the pre-war period. During the last war, the adopted project set the development course for the "additional" programme. In that sense, the production line for filling of 1,5 and 2 litres PET bottles for juice and mineral water was established in 1996. As well as production line for filling of cans in volume of 330 and 500ml which serves production of beer and soft drinks. Since November 2010 Pivara Tuzla d.d. started production of Panonska Ledena soft drinks made by high quality natural base with tastes of Lemon, Orange and Cola. All soft drinks are fill in pet bottles of 0,5 and 2 litres under strict quality control regime. On the 16.9.2011 Tuzlanska pivara officials announced start of producing dark ale under name of Premium Dark, production of dark ale stopped in 1970. Few months before announcing, beer has been tested in few pubs in proximity of Pivara.

Tuzla Brewery

Tuzlanski pilsner; Erster beer; Tuzlanski kiseljak; Panonska ledena

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