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A pivot chart is a data analysis tool that enables one to visualize a pivot table. It is a built-in feature of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. The single word PivotChart is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.


PivotChart is a type of graph for the analysis of data. The most useful feature is the possibility of quickly changing the portion of data displayed, like a PivotTable report. It makes PivotChart ideal for presentation of data in the sales reports.

Pivot chart for Microsoft Excel[edit]

Pivot chart for Microsoft Access (v. 2010 and previous)[edit]

  • Microsoft Access (v. 2010 and previous) can create "multi-plots" from a shared dataset. For example, from a table of students' student ID, math score and gender, a page can be created consisting of multiple charts where two charts (student ID/math score) are generated for female and male students side by side. This function is not supported by Microsoft Excel.
  • Pivot charts cannot be copied and pasted in Microsoft Access.


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