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Pix or PIX may refer to:



  • Short for KPIX-TV, television channel 5, San Francisco
  • SET PIX, an English movie channel in India
  • Short for WPIX, television channel 11, New York City



  • Moon Pix, the fourth album by American singer-songwriter Cat Power
  • Pix (magazine), an Australian magazine published from 1938 to 1972
  • Sunday Pix, a Christian comic book published weekly


  • Mary Pix (1666–1709), English novelist and playwright
  • Noel Pix (born 1977), a German rock and house musician

Other uses[edit]

  • Glass Eye Pix, an independent film studio based in New York City
  • Pix Brook, a stream that flows through Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire, England
  • Pix Capri Theatre, a theater on the historic US Highway 51 in Jackson, Mississippi

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