Pixley, Herefordshire

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Pixley is a village and civil parish in Herefordshire, England. The population of the civil parish at the 2011 census was 258.[1] The village consists of a church and small farming community. Pixley Berries produce juice for the local markets. There is a local online news channel, The Pixley Reporter, residents of the parish and surrounding area are invited to contribute anything that is happening as it is an open forum.

The surrounding lanes and land are peaceful and not heavily travelled by heavy goods vehicles, there are no industrial estates.

No Pixley family member currently lives in Pixley or Herefordshire. William Pixley left during the Catholic Emancipation.


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Coordinates: 52°02′49″N 2°29′49″W / 52.047°N 2.497°W / 52.047; -2.497