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Pixorial was a cloud-based consumer photo sharing, video sharing and video editing platform.[1][2] The company was formed in 2007 in Centennial, Colorado as a media conversion service.[3] In 2013, Pixorial was chosen as one of two video storage companies to partner with the launch of Google Drive. [4] Pixorial allows users to edit and share videos on social channels by connecting through their Pixorial account. [5]On June 17, 2014, Pixorial announced that its services would no longer function as of a month later, July 18.[6] The company has since signed a definite agreement with LifeLogger Technologies Corp. to be acquired. [7]


The company was founded in 2007 and launched in 2009 by former Netscape employee Andres Espineira.[8] Changing its focus to video editing software in 2009, Pixorial began developing an app that would be launched for iOS and Android devices in 2011. [9] Later developments in the app in 2012 would also included real time filters, which were later removed. [10] With the launch of Google Drive in 2012, Pixorial was chosen as an integrated video partner. [11] This integration with Google Drive allowed users to access videos stored in Google Drive within the web app of Pixorial. [12] After the Google Drive launch, Pixorial developed a crowdsourced, location-based video sharing app, Krowds. [13] The app was cited in July of 2012 by PC Magazine as one of "The 8 Best Apps for Making and Sharing Videos on Your iPhone". [14] In late July, Pixorial replaced its original mobile app with the MyPlayer HD app that optimized HD video viewing for large screen viewing including tablets and smart televisions. [15] Pixorial's services are no longer active as of July 18, 2014.[16]


Krowds App[edit]

Pixorial's app was launched in April of 2013 as a tool to aggregate event videos through location based collections.[17] The app was launched to generally positive review. [17] The application was initially launched for iOS but was followed by an Android release in May. [18]

Movie Creator[edit]

Launched July 12, 2012 Pixorial's Movie Creator allows users to edit movies in a simple story-telling platform[18] Movie Creator's features include transitions, text boxes, access to free music tracks, credits, and social media sharing capabilities. [5] The Pixorial platform allows users to view, share, and edit videos without modifying the original. [19] Movie Creator integrates pictures and video to create user movies. [20]


  • 2012 Apex Award from the Colorado Technology Association, for Best Technology Project of the Year [21]
  • 2010 Computerworld Laureate for Media, Arts and Entertainment[22]

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