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The Pizzey Ministry was the 37th ministry of the Government of Queensland and was led by Country Party Premier Jack Pizzey and Liberal Deputy Premier Gordon Chalk. It succeeded the Nicklin Ministry on 17 January 1968 when Nicklin retired from politics, and was in turn succeeded by the Chalk Ministry on 1 August 1968 following Pizzey's unexpected death on 31 July.

On 17 January 1968, the Governor designated 13 principal executive offices of the Government and appointed the following Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland to the Ministry as follows. Blue entries indicate members of the Liberal Party.

Office Minister

Minister for State Development

Jack Pizzey, BA, Dip. Ed.

Deputy Premier

Gordon Chalk

Minister for Works
Minister for Housing

Joh Bjelke-Petersen
Minister for Justice
Peter Delamothe

Minister for Education
Minister for Cultural Affairs

Alan Fletcher
Minister for Primary Industries John Row

Minister for Local Government
Minister for Conservation

Harold Richter

Minister for Health

Douglas Tooth

Minister for Labour
Minister for Tourism

John Herbert

Minister for Mines
Minister for Main Roads
Minister for Electricity

Ron Camm
Minister for Transport
William Knox
Minister for Industrial Development Fred Campbell

Minister for Lands

Vic Sullivan


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Preceded by
Nicklin Ministry
Pizzey Ministry
1968 (Jan–Jul)
Succeeded by
Chalk Ministry