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Place 54
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LabelMotown France
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Place 54
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Place 54 (pronunciation: PLAHS cen-KAHNT KAHTR as it is a French-language title) is the third studio album by Nantes-based rap group Hocus Pocus, released in 2007.[1] The album title refers to a seat in a passenger train car.

Some of the tracks feature other artists such as Malik Mezzadri ("Quitte á t'aimer"), Omar ("Smile"), Fred Wesley and Stro the 89th Key ("Recyclé"), T-Love & The Procussions ("Vocab!"), Dalja and C2C ("Move On"), Elodie Rama and Tribeqa ("Touriste"), and Taïriq Keda, who produced "Je la Soul". The track "Quitte á t'aimer" is a re-recording of a song from Cesária Évora, a Cape Verdean artist, from her 1995 album Cesária.

Translations of song titles include "Quitte á t'aimer" (At the risk of loving you), "Recyclé" (recycled), "Tournée" (tour), "Touriste" (tourist), "Histoire d'une VHS" (story of a VHS tape), and "Voyage immobile" (unmoving trip).

Track listing[edit]

1."Place 54" 
2."Quitte à t’aimer" (feat. Malik Mezzadri) 
3."Smile" (feat. Omar) 
4."Recyclé" (feat. Fred Wesley & Stro the 89th Key) 
6."Vocab! (prelude)" 
7."Vocab!" (T-Love & The Procussions) 
8."Mr. Tout Le Monde" 
10."Move On" (feat. Dajla & C2C) 
11."Touriste" (feat. Elodis Rama & Tribeqa) 
12."Je la Soul" (feat. Taïriq Keda) 
13."Histoire d'une VHS" 
14."Voyage immobile" 
15."Smile (acoustic)" (feat. Omar) 


The album was nominated under the category Best Urban Music Album at the 2008 Victoires de la Musique.


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