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Planet Heroes is a line of toys from Fisher-Price,[1] depicting various heroic characters each identified with a specific planet. These characters represent their planets in design and features, such as Mercury and Pluto are very small, while Jupiter is a larger toy. These toys retail for $8 for basic action figures to $15 for Deluxe Voice Comm Action figures. The toys representing the planets have numbers on them corresponding with the number of planets from the sun they are (Mercury is 1, Venus is 2, Earth is 3, etc.) A few of the planet heroes toys were released in a basic model that comes with a smaller accessory. These include the Earth Ace with Skateboard instead of Go Kart and the Mars Digger with Drill and shield instead of Rumble Rover.


Original Characters[edit]

  • Mercury Zip Accessories are a small gun and a 2-wheeled vehicle, that when rolled back will zip forward.
  • Venus Dazzle Dazzle is the only female character in the toy line. Her accessory is a lava launch gun.
  • Earth Ace Earth Ace Basic Earth Ace come with a Go Kart, the basic figure comes with a skateboard with wings.
  • Mars Digger Mars Digger Basic Mars Digger comes with a Rumble Rover vehicle. The basic version comes with a drill and shield.
  • Jupiter Gustus Jupiter is the largest Planet Hero and can spin 360 degrees. He comes with a pet robot dog.
  • Saturn Rings Saturn comes with a Ring vehicle.
  • Uranus Yuri Uranus Yuri comes with a suction cup gun. He also has 3 suction cups on the bottom of each foot.
  • Neptune Tune Neptune Tune is filled with a liquid and comes with a large vehicle.
  • Pluto Shiver Pluto Shiver is the smallest planet hero and comes with a large snowmobile.
  • Star Shooter Star shooter comes with a star surfboard.
  • Moon Lunar Moon Lunar comes with a small moon buggy.
  • Sun Commander Sun Commander is a larger toy and comes with a small bird that rests on his shoulder.

Voice Comm Characters[edit]

Voice Comm characters are versions of the original characters that have different accessories and speak a few phrases.

Metallic Squad Characters[edit]

Metallic Squad characters are a second line of planet heroes toys that took most of the original heroes and gave them a metallic uniform and new accessories. "Designed by Uranus “Yuri” to deflect solar radiation even in the highest recorded temperatures in the galaxy, these cool new uniforms really come in handy when Black Hole “Professor Darkness” gets too hot to handle!"[2]

The character Star Hollywood is unique to the Metallic Squad line. Metallic squad characters for Sun Commander, Mars Digger, and Jupiter Gustus have not been released.

Creature Squad, Space Patrol, and Space Shooter[edit]

On The Mattel Consumer Relations Product Search page, by clicking through Product Detail > Fisher Price Pre-School > Planet Heroes, you will arrive at 6 pages of Planet Hero toys descriptions. There are several new descriptions with these headlines. These are roughly the same as the Metallic Squad characters, however there is some slight variance in coloring. A few of the accessories have changed as well.

All of these items were released in 2009, however there are no online retailers currently carrying them. Just like the metallic squad, Mars Digger and Jupiter Gustus are left out. This product line seems to mostly be a repackaging of the Metallic Squad.


Original Characters[edit]

The characters Photon and Neutron are sold in a set with Professor Darkness.

Voice Comm Characters[edit]

The Voice Comm toys are versions of the characters that have different accessories and speak a few phrases. Red Giant Slash is Unique to the Voice Comm line.


  • Solar Quarters : This is a play set designed for the planet heroes toys.
  • Turbo Shuttle : This is a spaceship designed for the planet heroes. It has two secondary spaceships that can break off of the main ship in battle.
  • Voice Comm Jet : This jet features voice comm technology and seats 1 planet heroes character.
  • Moon Buggy : This land vehicle has room for 2 characters (1 in driving, 1 on back).
  • Smart Cycle Game : The Planet Heroes Smart Cycle Game

Special Sets[edit]

  • Earth Ace Special Edition Set : This set includes Voice Comm. Earth Ace and his puppy, DVD, skateboard, and exclusive motorcycle, not found in any other sets.
  • Ultimate Professor Darkness Gift Set : This set includes Voice Comm. Professor Darkness, Photon and Neutron, DVD, Neutrino Ray, and exclusive Space Blaster and Mini Sub only found in this set.

Comic book/DVD[edit]

Three DVD episodes and comic books have been released for the Planet Heroes. The comic books and DVDs are packaged in Deluxe toy sets and are also available on the Fisher Price Planet Heroes Website The DVD episodes are approx. 16 minutes.

Comic/DVD #1 Ace in Space

Comic/DVD #2 The Ace that Jumped Over the Moon

Comic/DVD #3 Here Comes the Sun

Trading Cards[edit]

Every planet hero action figure comes with a trading card that on the front contain a picture of the character and on the back have facts about the planet and the planet hero. The original planet heroes character cards can be downloaded and printed off from the official Planet Heroes Website.

Action Figure Availability[edit]

The planet Heroes toy line was officially discontinued in late 2009. After Christmas 2009 prices on for Planet Heroes toys have shot up for all characters.[3]

The most difficult toys to find are Voice Comm. Sun Commander and Voice Comm Tiny Asteroid. Neither of which are for sale on any internet website.

The original Pluto Shiver toy is the next most difficult to find, which goes for over $50 on eBay or Amazon.[4]

The Fisher Price Website currently has Planet Heroes Voice Comm toys on sale for $7.99. The vast majority of original figures and metallic squad characters are not available from the Fisher Price Store.[5]


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