Plasmodium michikoa

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Plasmodium michikoa is a parasite of the genus Plasmodium.

Like all Plasmodium species P. michikoa has both vertebrate and insect hosts. The vertebrate hosts for this parasite are reptiles.

Plasmodium michikoa
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Protista
Phylum: Apicomplexa
Class: Aconoidasida
Order: Haemosporida
Family: Plasmodiidae
Genus: Plasmodium
Species: P. michikoa
Binomial name
Plasmodium michikoa


The parasite was first described by Telford in 1988.[1]

Geographical occurrence[edit]

This species was described in Tanzania.

Clinical features and host pathology[edit]

The only known hosts are chameleons (Chamaeleo species)


  1. ^ Telford SR Jr. (1988) Studies on African saurian malarias: five Plasmodium species from chamaeleons of the Uzungwe Mountains, Tanzania. Int. J. Parasitol. 18(2):197-219

Further reading[edit]

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