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Platipus Records
Founded1993 (1993)
FounderSimon Berry
StatusMerged in 2010
GenreTrance music
Country of originUK
Official websiteOfficial site

Platipus Records was a British trance music record label that was based in London, England. It was founded in 1993 by Simon Berry, and early releases included Union Jack and Art of Trance. Later, the label included artists like Dawnseekers and Quietman. Sublabels included Gekko and Platipus Euro. Platipus Records Ltd ceased trading in 2010. Berry and the label's artists relaunched under the Porcupine Records label, but this was superseded by the founding of Platipus Music at the end of 2011.


It was founded in 1993 by Simon Berry. The early releases were almost exclusively limited to Berry's various projects, including Union Jack, Clanger, and Art of Trance. Later, the label included artists like Dawnseekers and Quietman. Some of their most famous releases were the hits "Anomaly (Calling Your Name)" by BT, "Robert Miles - Children", and DJ Taylor, "Red Herring" and "Two Full Moons and a Trout" by Union Jack, and "Air" by Albion. Because of the success of "Calling Your Name" and "Madagascar" by Art of Trance in 1999, the label started to take on a more epic trance style, in stark contrast to their early releases of psychedelic and acid trance. They also featured many releases from Pob.[1]

During the next few years the sublabels Gekko and Platipus Euro were established, showcasing more progressive and uplifting styles, respectively. Artists featured on Platipus Euro include Neo & Farina and RAH. Gekko releases tribal and techno-ish "flavours" of trance, and is unrelated to Disco Gekko Records.[2][3]

Platipus Records Ltd ceased trading in April 2010, 17 years after being founded. Initially, Simon Berry and the label's artists relaunched under the 'Porcupine Records' label, but this was superseded by the founding 'Platipus Music' at the end of 2011.[4]


Platipus Records


  • Platipus Records; The Ultimate Dream Collection (1995)
  • 1993: "Deeper than deep EP" by Art of Trance, PLAT01
  • 1993: "Vicious circles" by Poltergeist, PLAT02
  • 1993: "Gloria" by Art of Trance, PLAT05
  • 1993: "Two full moons and a trout/Lollypop man" by Union Jack, PLAT06
  • 1994: "Cambodia" by Art of Trance, PLAT07
  • 1995: "Octopus" by Art of Trance, PLAT12
  • 1995: "Vicious circles - The remixes" by Poltergeist, PLAT13
  • 1995: "Octopus (remixes)" by Art of Trance, PLAT17
  • 1996: "Children" by Robert Miles, PLAT18
  • 1996: "Floating/The scream" by Terra Ferma, PLAT21
  • 1996: "Anomaly (Calling Your Name)" by Libra presents Taylor, PLAT24
  • 1997: "Kaleidoscope" by Art of Trance, PLAT27
  • 1997: "Hidden sun of Venus" by L.S.G., PLAT28
  • 1997: "Turtle Crossing" by Terra Ferma, PLAT30
  • 1997: "The awakening" by Pob feat. X-Avia, PLAT31
  • 1997: "Seadog" by Clanger, PLAT33
  • 1997: "Cockroach/Yeti" by Union Jack, PLAT36
  • 1998: "The sleeper" by Quietman, PLAT37
  • 1998: "Air" by Albion, PLAT38
  • 1998: "Madagasga" by Art of Trance, PLAT43
  • 1999: "Vicious games (Art Of Trance remix)" by Yello vs Hardfloor, PLAT52
  • 1999: "Anomaly (Calling Your Name) (Remixes)" by Libra presents Taylor, PLAT56
  • 1999: "A night out/Moogwai" by Moogwai, PLAT57
  • 1999: "Madagascar (Remixes)" by Art of Trance, PLAT58
  • 1999: "Quantensprung/Solaris" by S.O.L., PLAT59
  • 1999: "The Fade" by AMbassador, PLAT62
  • 2000: "I want you" by Z2, PLAT67
  • 2000: "One of these days" by AMbassador, PLAT69
  • 2000: "Viola" by Moogwai, PLAT71
  • 2000: "The wolf" by Terra Ferma, PLAT72
  • 2000: "Air 2000" by Albion, PLAT73
  • 2000: "Lithium" by Paragliders, PLAT74
  • 2000: "Breathe" by Art of Trance, PLAT76
  • 2000: "Gothic dream" by Dawnseekers, PLAT77
  • 2000: "Waah" by Pob, PLAT78
  • 2000: "Changes" by Innate, PLAT81
  • 2000: "Vicious circles 2000 remixes" by Vicious Circles, PLAT82
  • 2001: "The labyrinth" by Moogwai, PLAT83
  • 2001: "Killamanjaro" by Art of Trance, PLAT89
  • 2001: "Luna" by Pob & Boyd, PLAT91

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