Pleasant Lake (Stratford, New York)

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Pleasant Lake
Pleasant lake water.JPG
View of West and North Shores from Southeast cove
Location Fulton County, New York
Coordinates 43°11′18″N 74°36′01″W / 43.1882°N 74.6003°W / 43.1882; -74.6003Coordinates: 43°11′18″N 74°36′01″W / 43.1882°N 74.6003°W / 43.1882; -74.6003
Basin countries United States

Pleasant Lake is a small private lake located in Stratford, Fulton County, New York in the southern Adirondack Park. Camp owners may use motorized watercraft on the lake.

Camps on Pleasant Lake[edit]

An example of a recently renovated camp on Pleasant Lake. This beautiful, large house was originally a small camp, and has been renovated to its current condition by building around the original camp.

The camp next door to the above camp. As new buyers have moved to Pleasant Lake, they have started to invest in their properties by significantly improving their camps.

Pleasant lake6.JPG
This camp on Pleasant Lake's South Shore was built in 1900 and underwent major renovations in 2006.