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Plough (also spelt plow), may refer to:

  • Plough, a tool used in farming for initial cultivation of soil
  • Plough (unit), a unit of medieval measurement
  • Plough, a name for the asterism Big Dipper, in the constellation of Ursa Major
  • Plough, a form of backstaff, a device for steering a ship
  • Plough, a pair of Contact shoe on a vehicle such as a tram, that draw power from a pair of rails (One positive, one negative to complete the circuit) underneath the road
  • The Plough (magazine), a United Kingdom magazine
  • Plough pose, a name for the Halasana pose in Yoga
  • Plough, a bookbinding tool used to trim the edges of a book
  • Plough, a slang term meaning to engage in sexual intercourse with
  • Plough Publishing House (Bruderhof Communities)

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