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Plum refers to both a type of tree, and the fruit stemming from that tree.

Plum may also refer to:



Given name
  • Pelham Warner (nicknamed "Plum"; 1873–1963), British Test cricketer
  • P. G. Wodehouse (nicknamed "Plum"; 1881–1975), British author and humorist
  • Plum Johnson (born ?), Canadian writer and publisher
  • Plum Lewis (1884–1976), South African cricketer
  • Plum Mariko (born Mariko Umeda; 1967–1997), Japanese professional wrestler
  • Plum Sykes (born 1969), British fashion writer and novelist
  • Alois Plum (born 1935), German artist noted for working in mural and stained-glass mediums
  • Amy Plum (born 1967), American–French young-adult fiction writer
  • Carol Plum-Ucci (born 1957), American young-adult novelist and essayist
  • Curtis Plum (born ?), American rap musician and producer
  • Ego Plum (born Ernesto Guerrero; 1975), American composer, musician, visual artist, and record producer
  • Frederick Plum (1887–1932), American sports shooter and Olympic competitor
  • Fred Plum (1924–2010), American neurologist
  • Ivan Plum (born 1992), Croatian footballer
  • Kelsey Plum (born 1994), American basketball player
  • Kenneth R. Plum (born 1941), American politician
  • Milt Plum (born 1935), American football quarterback
  • Nigel Plum (born 1983), Australian Rugby League footballer
  • Polly Plum (pseudonym of Mary Ann Colclough; 1836–1885), New Zealand feminist and social reformer
  • Seth Plum (1899–1969), English international footballer
  • Thelma Plum (born ?), Indigenous Australian singer-songwriter

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