Poble Lliure

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Poble Lliure
Free People
Founded 2014

C/ del Túria, 58 - València

C/ Elisi, 20 - Barcelona
Ideology Socialism
Catalan independence
Països Catalans
Political position Left-wing
National affiliation Candidatura d'Unitat Popular (CUP)
Parliament of Catalonia
1 / 135

Poble Lliure (English: Free People) is a Catalan socialist and independentist political organisation, which forms part of the Independentist Catalan Left. Poble Lliure was founded in November 2014 from historical militants of the Movement for Defence of the Land (MDT) and independents linked to social movements.[1] In the Catalan elections of 2015 Maria Corrales, a member of Poble Lliure, was elected to Parliament of Catalonia in the lists of the Popular Unity Candidacy - Constituent Call.[2]

Poble Lliure supports the Popular Unity Candidates and the Assemblea Nacional Catalana (ANC).