Podocarpus nivalis

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Podocarpus nivalis
Podocarpus nivalis - Botanischer Garten, Dresden, Germany - DSC08404.JPG
Scientific classification
P. nivalis
Binomial name
Podocarpus nivalis

Podocarpus nivalis (mountain or snow totara) is a species of conifer in the Podocarpaceae family. It is endemic to New Zealand. It grows up to 5 m (16 ft) tall, and is found in the mountains and subalpine lands from 37° to the far south New Zealand (about 46° South Latitude).

Cultivation and uses[edit]

It is one of the hardiest podocarps of the Southern Hemisphere, it has withstood minus 25 °C (minus 13 °F) in the British Isles, and survives long periods under snow in its native habitat, close to the tree line in NZ's high mountains. It needs high rainfall to grow well.

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