Podolsko Bridge

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Podolsko Bridge
Podolsky most.jpg
Coordinates 49°21′26″N 14°16′22″E / 49.35722°N 14.27278°E / 49.35722; 14.27278
Carries road
Crosses Vltava
Locale Podolsko
Official name Podolský most
Design arch bridge
Total length 510 metres (1,673 ft)
Width 8.5 metres (28 ft)
Longest span 150 metres (492 ft)
Clearance below 49 metres (161 ft)
Opened 1942
Daily traffic 3896

The Podolsko Bridge is an arch bridge that spans the Vltava between Podolsko and Temešvár in Písek District, Czech Republic. At the time of its completion in 1949, it was the longest arch bridge in Czechoslovakia.

Design was by the Ministry of Public Works. Experimental Stress Analysis photoelasticity was by Jaroslav Josef Polívka of the University of California.

After the Orlík Dam was completed in 1961, the Vltava rose 19 meters and covered part of the supports.


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