Point Harbor, North Carolina

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Point Harbor, North Carolina is an unincorporated community located in Currituck County, North Carolina. The community is unincorporated but has an estimated permanent population of about 100. The community, along with Southern Shores, both border the only bridge that crosses the Currituck Sound. Point Harbor is best known for being "America's Home Town." Also, Point Harbor had a thriving music scene between the years of 1999 and 2007. Additionally, Point Harbor is home to Cahoon's Hardware, the finest hardware store in the greater Point Harbor metropolitan region. Point Harbor is also home to Headlights OBX which has replaced the historic Mermaids where the finest girls in Currituck County could be found. Point Harbor is also home to the world's best hotdog joint whose name is unknown.

Coordinates: 36°04′44″N 75°47′41″W / 36.07889°N 75.79472°W / 36.07889; -75.79472