Pointe de Zinal

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Pointe de Zinal
Pointe de Zinal from south
Highest point
Elevation 3,789 m (12,431 ft)
Prominence 301 m (988 ft) [1]
Parent peak Dent Blanche
Coordinates 46°01′38.7″N 7°37′50.3″E / 46.027417°N 7.630639°E / 46.027417; 7.630639Coordinates: 46°01′38.7″N 7°37′50.3″E / 46.027417°N 7.630639°E / 46.027417; 7.630639
Pointe de Zinal is located in Switzerland
Pointe de Zinal
Pointe de Zinal
Location in Switzerland
Location Valais, Switzerland
Parent range Pennine Alps

The Pointe de Zinal is a mountain of the Swiss Pennine Alps, located south of Zinal in the canton of Valais. It is situated east of the Dent Blanche, between the valleys of Zinal and Zmutt (Zermatt).

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  1. ^ Retrieved from the Swisstopo topographic maps. The key col is the Col de Zinal (3,488 m).

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