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Fosi Schmidt
Real name Afioga Polataivao
Nickname(s) Brown Hawk, King Pola
Rated at Heavyweight
Height 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Born 1933
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Died December 19, 2005
Boxing record
Wins 52
Wins by KO 52
Losses 2
Draws 0
No contests 0

Polataivao Fosi Schmidt (1933–2005) is the former Minister of Labor for Samoa. He was a member of the Human Rights Protection Party. His mother was from Safune and his father from Safotu village on the island of Savai'i. Also, he was the heavyweight boxing champion of Samoa, and scored over 80 knockouts victories in both amateur and professional boxing.

Boxing career[edit]

Fosi Schmidt (some sources list Fossi Schmidt) developed a keen interest in boxing from watching members of the United States military forces training in Australia during World War II. After compiling an undefeated amateur record of 32-0-0, 32 knockouts, Schmidt decided to become a professional boxer in 1952.

Schmidt ran up an impressive string of knockouts on the Samoan Islands and won the Samoan Heavyweight Boxing Championship. Schmidt said he trained on a diet of coconuts, coconut milk, and taro (similar to a potato) to give him his power.[1]

On February 10, 1954, in Leififi on the Samoan Islands, Schmidt was sparring with local police constable Vaipou Ainu'u; an amateur heavyweight boxer. The two were training in a ring at the local police station when Schmidt knocked Ainu'u down. Ainu'u's head struck the ring floor and efforts to revive him failed. The 35 year old Ainu'u died on the way to the hospital. Schmidt was greatly disturbed by Ainu'u's death, but realized it was a terrible accident, and he continued on with his career.

After going 47-0-0, 47 knockouts on the Samoan Islands, Schmidt traveled to Australia to continue his boxing training and career.[2] After three consecutive knockouts in Australia, he became a headliner in the Australian newspapers.[3]

Schmidt was dubbed the "Samoan Sensation" and appeared on the cover of the October 1954 issue of Australian Ring Digest. In October 1954, world lightheavyweight champion Archie Moore was touring Australia and a bout with Schmidt was purposed, but never happened.[4]

The 1955 Ring Record Book credited Schmidt with scoring 50 consecutive knockouts, including knockouts over Tauso M'U KO 2 rounds, Fetuao KO 1 round, Lini KO 2 rounds, Loie KO 3 rounds, Viane KO 1 round, Enesi KO 2 rounds, Pili KO 2 rounds, Silipa KO 2 rounds, Filipo KO 2 rounds, Sefo KO 1 round and KO 2 rounds, Iefata KO 4 rounds.

Schmidt's undefeated knockout streak was ended when he lost to Fiji heavyweight Henry Bray by 5th round knockout (Source: 1955 Ring Record Book).

On December 8, 1954, Schmidt was knocked out in 3 rounds by Ross Jenkins. Schmidt continued to fight, but never again showed the promise of his earlier undefeated career.

Professional boxing record[edit]

Professional Boxing Record
Result Record Opponent Method Date Round Time Event Location Notes
Win 52-2-0 AustraliaMerv Cobb KO 1955 Feb 17 8 Australia
Win 51-2-0 Australia Steven Zoranich KO 1955 Jan 24 3 Perth, Australia
Loss 50-1-0 AustraliaRoss Jenkins KO 1954 Dec 8 3 New South Wales
Loss 50-0-0 Henry Bray KO 1954 5
Win 50-0-0 Al McCoy KO 1954 Oct 07 1 New South Wales
Win 49-0-0 Harold Davis KO 1954 Sep 23 3 New South Wales
Win 48-0-0 Jack Dempsey TKO 1954 Sep 09 2 New South Wales
Win 47-0-0 Vaipou Ainu'a KO 1954 Feb 10 1 Samoan Islands Ainu'a died of his injuries.
Win 46-0-0 Lefata KO 1954 4 Samoan Islands
Win 45-0-0 Sefo KO 1954 2 Samoan Islands
Win 44-0-0 Sefo KO 1954 1 Samoan Islands
Win 43-0-0 Filipo KO 1954 2 Samoan Islands
Win 42-0-0 Silipa KO 1954 2 Samoan Islands
Win 41-0-0 Pili KO 1954 2 Samoan Islands
Win 40-0-0 Enes KO 1954 2 Samoan Islands
Win 39-0-0 Viane KO 1954 1 Samoan Islands
Win 38-0-0 Loie KO 1954 3 Samoan Islands
Win 37-0-0 Lini KO 1954 2 Samoan Islands
Win 36-0-0 L\Fetuao KO 1954 1 Samoan Islands
Win 35-0-0 Tauso M'U KO 1954 2 Samoan Islands
Win 34-0-0 Loi KO 1953 2 Samoan Islands
Win 33-0-0 Filipo KO 1953 2 Samoan Islands
Win 32-0-0 Isaako KO 1953 1 Samoan Islands
Win 31-0-0 Setu KO 1953 1 Samoan Islands
Win 30-0-0 Afano KO 1953 2 Samoan Islands
Win 29-0-0 Malia KO 1953 2 Samoan Islands
Win 28-0-0 Enes KO 1953 2 Samoan Islands
Win 27-0-0 Idelu KO 1953 1 Samoan Islands
Win 26-0-0 Loie KO 1953 3 Samoan Islands
Win 25-0-0 Filipo KO 1953 2 Samoan Islands
Win 24-0-0 Fetuao KO 1953 1 Samoan Islands
Win 23-0-0 Iona KO 1953 2 Samoan Islands
Win 22-0-0 Leki KO 1952 3 Samoan Islands
Win 21-0-0 Lakupo KO 1952 1 Samoan Islands
Win 20-0-0 Fata KO 1952 1 Samoan Islands
Win 19-0-0 Apelu KO 1952 2 Samoan Islands

Business and political career[edit]

In the early 1960s, Schmidt opened a number of successful trading stations. He also owned and ran the Apollo 11 nightclub in Saleufi. However, in 1964, Schmidt entered politics and was elected to parliament. He became known to his fellow Samoans as "King Pola". Fosi got his start in politics as an MP in the electoral district of Gagaifomauga Number 3. He initially won his seat in the 1964 election, by a count of 41 votes to 36, and then was re-elected without opposition in three subsequent elections.[5] He held the seat until 1999, when he was forced to resign due to ill health.

Schmidt served in parliament from 1964-1999, but resigned due to bad health. He was the former Minister of Health, the former Minister of Labour, and the former Minister of Lands and Environment. Schmidt was also a founding member of his country's Human Rights Protection Party.

He was the father of Samoan politician Laauli Leuatea Polataivao.[6]


From 1999-2005, Schmidt underwent dialysis treatment in both New Zealand and Australia. He died on December 19, 2005, of heart failure. He was survived by his wife Ipu, and his son La'auli Leuatea.


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