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Politeia is a centre-right British political think tank that generally supports free-market initiatives. Its director, Sheila Lawlor, and Politeia 'have been and remain hugely influential in steering public policy debate gently in a right of centre direction'.[1]

Its aim is to encourage reflection, discussion and debate about the place of the state in the daily lives of men and women across the range of issues which affect them, from employment and tax to education, health and pensions.

Areas of Work[edit]

  • Tax and public spending: What are the right levels for a flourishing economy?
  • The potential consequences of the Euro or the European constitution for British social and economic policy, employment, taxation and trade
  • International comparisons of educational standards
  • Policies for high employment: the role of the state, the employer and the employee
  • Covering for lost income: health, long term care, pensions and unemployment
  • Welfare reform, pensions and benefits: A fairer framework for incentive
  • Constitutional change and stability
  • Home Affairs – Tackling crime effectively
  • Healthcare systems for the future

Patrons and Advisory Council[edit]

Described as 'small but influential' (Professor Deepak Lal), 'Politeia's ideas have been taken up across the political spectrum' (Lord Strathclyde) and politicians of all parties sit on its Westminster Council. Its patron is George Robinson and its director is Dr. Sheila Lawlor. Among those on its advisory council include Professor Tim Congdon, Professor David Dilks, Dr. Oliver Letwin MP, Francis Maude MP, David Willetts MP and Professor Carl Lygo. Maurice Cowling was also on the advisory council.

Contributors and Speakers[edit]

Contributors and speakers for Politeia have included (among others):-

Recent Publications[edit]

  • 'Working Lives: Making Welfare Work' "Chris Grayling" (September 2011)
  • 'The Cost to Justice: Government Policy and the Law Courts' "Stanley Brodie QC"
  • 'Crisis Management?', David B. Smith
  • 'Teachers Matter: Recruitment, Employment and Retention at Home and abroad', the Politeia Education Commission
  • 'Making Law, Parliament v The Charity Commission', Peter Luxton MP
  • 'Clear and Accountable? Institutions for Defence and Security', Robert Salisbury et al.
  • 'A Premium on patients? Funding the Future NHS', Tony Hockley
  • 'Banking Benefit: Welfare Accounts for the Individual', Dennis Snower and Alessio Brown

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