Polly (peanut)

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Polly logo.png
Product type Snack
Owner Orkla Group
Country  Norway
Related brands KiMs
Markets Norway
Previous owners - Sætre
1991 – Orkla Group
Website http://www.kims.no/

Polly is a series of peanut-based snacks made by KiMs Norge, a subsidiary of the Orkla Group, sold throughout Norway. In addition to the traditional peanut products, other products include cashewnuts, chilinuts in addition to a number of mixed products including various nuts and raisins.

Originally Polly AS was a Skien-based company that eventually was bought by Sætre. In 1991 the Sætre corporation was bought by Orkla and two years later the production was moved to the KiMs plant at Skreia.