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Origin Ljubljana, Slovenia
Genres Heavy metal
Years active 1979 – 1986
1994 – present
Labels PGP RTB, Pan Records, Panika Records

Pomaranča (trans. "Orange") is a Slovenian and former Yugoslav heavy metal band. It is the oldest Slovenian metal band.

Band history[edit]

The band was formed in 1979 by vocalist Zlatko Magdalenić and guitarist Mijo Popović. With the addition of Tomaž Žontar (keyboards), Marko Herak (bass guitar) and Franc Teropšić (drums), they secured a contract with PGP RTB. Musically, they incorporated alements of AC/DC, Deep Purple and Accept with some blues inputs. The band attracted a small but loyal cult following after the release of their debut album Peklenska pomaranča in 1982.


Studio albums[edit]



  • "Soldat" / "Mladost" (PGP RTB 1980)
  • "Alkohol" / "Goba zla" (PGP RTB 1981)
  • "Mleko z noži" / "Krvave čipke" (PGP RTB 1981)