Gare de Pont-Cardinet

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Gare de Pont-Cardinet 2010.jpg
Location 145, Rue Cardinet 75017 Paris
Coordinates 48°53′16.08″N 2°18′50.76″E / 48.8878000°N 2.3141000°E / 48.8878000; 2.3141000Coordinates: 48°53′16.08″N 2°18′50.76″E / 48.8878000°N 2.3141000°E / 48.8878000; 2.3141000
Owned by SNCF
Opened 1854
Electrified yes

Pont-Cardinet is a railway station in Paris. It is situated on the Paris–Le Havre railway. It is the first station on the line originating from Gare Saint-Lazare, Paris. The station building is situated above the track level alongside Rue Cardinet. The station is equipped with escalators and Solari destination boards. The main line continues towards Clichy whilst a small line, now closed, branches off towards Pereire-Levallois and links St Lazare to the RER C, this branch was once part of Ligne d'Auteuil and closed in June 1996. Today, there are shuttle buses connecting Pereire-Levallois on RER C.

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