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Pony club members competing in hack events at a gymkhana.

Pony Club Australia is an association which teaches young people to ride horses through over 850 member clubs. Australia has the largest pony club membership in the world with just under 55,000 financial members.[1] In Australia, there are over 850 clubs spread over the seven states and territories. The largest ones are the Pony Club Association of New South Wales and the Pony Club Association of Victoria. Pony club nationals are held every year, changing states every time. This includes eventing, games, show-jumping and dressage.

Related organizations also exist in Great Britain, New Zealand, the United States Of America, and Canada.


Pony clubs held events over the year. They are either run over 1 day (a one-day event) or 2 days (a two-day event or horse trials). 3 phases must be completed by the combination of horse and rider. Phase 1- Dressage Phase 2- Cross country Phase 3 - Show jumping The organizers may complete phases in whichever order but have to hold the dressage phase first.

There are different levels of competition called grades. There are grades 1-5, 1 being the highest, 5 being the lowest. Some pony clubs have an encourage event, but is an unofficial event. Grade 1 max height = 1.05 m Grade 2 max height = 95 cm Grade 3 max height = 80 cm Grade 4 max height = 65 cm Grade 5 max height = 50 cm Encourage max height = 35 cm


The first Pony Club in Australia was formed in 1938 at Ingleburn, New South Wales by Miss Ann Howitt. The Dandenong Ranges Pony Club in Victoria was formed in 1947. In 1956 the Pony Club Association of New South Wales was established.

The first Inter-Pacific Rally was held in America during 1962 and in Western Australia in 1979. Teams participated from New Zealand, Great Britain, the Far East, Japan, Canada and Australia in the 1979 rally.

In 1994 the International Mounted Games were held in the Southern Hemisphere for the first time at Beverley, Western Australia, competing teams were from Canada, Great Britain, United States of America and Australia.

In 1995 the Pony Club Association of New South Wales hosted the first National Championships at Wagga Wagga.[2]

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