Poonam Chand Vishnoi

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Poonam Chand Bishnoi is a former speaker of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly from 7 July 1980 to 20 March 1985. He is a senior leader of Indian National Congress Party in Rajasthan. He hails from Jodhpur region of Rajasthan. He was elected to Rajasthan Legislative Assembly from Bhinmal , Phalodi and Luni , They also served as deputy speaker of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly and Cabinet Minister in Rajasthan Government .

His daughter Vijay laxmi Bishnoi was Member of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly and Parliament Secretary between 1998 and 2003, She is Ex Chief of Woman Wing of Indian National Congress and Several Boards in Rajasthan Government .

Poonam Chand Vishnoi was also fight 1999 Loksabha election from Jodhpur (Lok Sabha constituency) and lost to Jaswant Singh Bishnoi by a small margin.