Poorly differentiated thyroid cancer

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Poorly differentiated thyroid carcinoma
Classification and external resources
Specialty oncology
ICD-10 C73
ICD-9-CM 193
eMedicine med/
MeSH D013964

Poorly differentiated thyroid carcinoma (PDTC) is malignant neoplasm of follicular cell origin showing intermediate histopathological patterns between differentiated and undifferentiated thyroid cancers.[1]

Histopathological features[edit]

  • Presence of small cells with round nuclei and scant cytoplasm with a diffuse solid pattern
  • Round or oval nests (insulae) or in trabeculae.
  • Solid growth and presence of microfollicles, some of which contain dense colloid.
  • Extrathyroidal extension and blood vessel invasion
  • Foci of necrosis,
  • Larger than 5 cm in greatest diameter at diagnosis

Clinical features[edit]

  • PDTC affects predominantly females about 55 years of age
  • Both local and distant (lung, bone, brain)


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