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Pop City
Pop City logo.png
Former editors Eve Picker [1]
Frequency Weekly (Wednesday)
Circulation 39,000 (2014)[2]
Publisher Issue Media Group LLC[3]
Founder Brian Boyle[3]
First issue March 2006[3]
Website popcitymedia.com

Pop City is a weekly online magazine and website with content focusing on news and features about Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.[2] The content is framed around talent, innovation, diversity and environment.[3]

History and profile[edit]

Pop City was launched in March 2006.[3] It was spearheaded by Brian Boyle, a Detroit businessman who had experience in website development in other regions.[3] The startup costs totaled $200,000.[3] Those costs were defrayed by pledges from the Urban Redevelopment Authority, The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, and the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.[1]

The first publisher was Eve Picker.[1] Initially, most of the content was produced by a team of 2 dozen stringers.[4]

As of 2007, Pop City had 18,000 subscribers.[4] In 2014, that had grown to 39,000 subscribers.[2]