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Popcorn is a type of maize in which the kernels expand when heated.

Popcorn may also refer to:


Geography and geology[edit]

Popcorn-like substances[edit]

  • Popcorn ceiling, a decorative ceiling treatment
  • Packing peanuts, sometimes referred to as popcorn
  • Popcorn gravel, a type of gravel once used in road construction
  • Burst noise also known as popcorn noise, a type of noise of electronic components

Film and TV[edit]


  • Popcorn (music style), a music subculture and style originally established in Belgium, and based on dancing to R&B and pop records



  • "Popcorn", an instrumental by saxophonist Plas Johnson and His Orchestra written by his brother Ray Johnson 1958, covered by saxophonist Eddie Platt and His Orchestra 1958
  • "Popcorn" (instrumental), a 1969 instrumental by Gershon Kingsley, covered by Hot Butter in 1972 and by several other artists
  • "The Popcorn", a 1969 instrumental by James Brown
  • "Popcorn", a song by US musician Kovas from The Arrogance of Youth 2008
  • "Popcorn", a song remix by UK electronic musician Aphex Twin


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