Popular Republican Union

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Popular Republican Union
Union populaire républicaine
President Joseph Rossé
Founded 1919 (1919)
Dissolved 1946 (1946)
Merged into Popular Republican Movement
Ideology Political Catholicism
Social conservatism
Political position Centre-right
International affiliation None
Politics of France
Political parties

The Popular Republican Union (French: Union populaire républicaine, UPR) was a Christian democratic party in Alsace, France during the Third Republic. Founded in 1919, the UPR attracted most of the Alsatian adherents of the Catholic Centre Party in Alsace-Lorraine, formed since the mid-1890s, forming with 31% of the seats the strongest party in the Landtag of the former Alsace-Lorraine. The UPR became the dominant party in Alsace during the Interwar era. In Lorraine, the Lorrain Republican Union (URL) was considered the UPR's sister party. The UPR was much more conservative than the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), the main Christian democratic party in the rest of France at the time.

In the Chamber of Deputies, the UPR's parliamentarians sat with various groups from the centre-right and the right before forming, with the URL, the Republicans of the Centre in 1932 and the Independents of Popular Action in 1936.

The UPR, URL, and PDP merged in 1946 to the create the Popular Republican Movement (MRP).