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Poranguí performing live on drums
Poranguí performing live on drums
Background information
Genresworld, latin jazz, dj
Instrumentslive looping, world percussion, guitar, voice, didgeridoo, pre-Columbian flutes
Years active1997 - present
LabelsSol Creation, Desert Trax

Poranguí is a world music multi-instrumentalist and known for solo improvisational live looping. Born in São José dos Campos, Brazil, he grew up in the cultures of Brazil (his mother), Mexico (his father) and the southwestern United States. He currently resides in Sedona, Arizona.[1][2]

Education and teaching[edit]

After high school, Poranguí spent a year studying in China and then teaching English through the use of music in Vietnam.[3] Then while on scholarship to Duke University as a Coca-Cola Scholar,[4] he created an interdisciplinary undergraduate major combining music, movement and medicine[5] where he also earned the John Hope Franklin Student Documentary Award.[6]

He has taught on the faculty of the Phoenix Conservatory of Music[7] and was recognized as a Teaching Artist for the Arizona Commission on the Arts from 2008-2015.[8]

Music career (1997-present)[edit]

After graduation from Duke University he directed the 10-piece Afro Brazilian ensemble Grupo Liberdade from 2004-2017.[9] He’s also collaborated with artists Osunlade, Liquid Bloom,[10] Shaman’s Dream[11] and Eric Zang.[12] He released an album under his label Sol Creation with Eric Zang under the artist name Poranguí & Zang titled Terra Sagrada EP in 2011.

Performances and recordings include with the BBC in London at the Jazz Cafe[13] with Osunlade, PBS Singer-Songwriter Series with his ensemble Grupo Liberdade[14] and as a featured artist for TEDxSedona[15], SXSW Yoga Soundscape Series.[16] He’s performed at Lightning in a Bottle Festival,[17] Beloved Festival,[18] Sonic Bloom Festival,[19] Sedona Yoga Festival,[20] Boom Festival (Portugal), and Ozora Festival (Hungary), among others.

He collaborated with filmmakers Mitch Schultz[21] and Aubrey Marcus on the documentary "Ayahuasca"[22] to release his second album Ayahuasca in 2016.[23] Desert Trax released a remix version of the album by Poranguí in 2017.[24] He released his first live recorded album, self titled Poranguí, on March 1, 2019 along with a guided meditation version featuring Ashley Klein.[25] Desert Trax released two remix versions of the self titled album in 2019.


Studio Albums
Title Year Label Format
Poranguí Remixes Vol II 2019 Desert Trax Digital Download
Poranguí Remixes Vol I
Poranguí - Guided Journey Sol Creation
Ayahuasca Remixed 2017 Desert Trax Digital Download, CD
Ayahuasca (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2016 Sol Creation Digital Download, CD
Extended Plays
Title Artist Name Year Label Format
Terra Sagrada EP Poranguí & Zang 2011 Sol Creation Digital Download
Music Videos
Title Year Reference
"Tonantzin” [Official Music Video] 2020 [1]
"Oxum" [Official LIVE Music Video] 2019 [2]
"Danza del Viento" feat. Ashley Klein [Official Music Video] 2019 [3]
"Ayahuasca (Liquid Bloom and Poranguí Remix)" [Official Music Video] 2018 [4]
"Ancestors (Shamans Dream & Poranguí Remix)" [Official Music Video] 2017 [1]
"Canto de la Selva" [Official LIVE Music Video] [2]
"Sacred" by J Brave feat. Kayt Pearl & Poranguí [5][26]
Collaborations / Remixes / Singles
Title Artist Album Year Format
Corazón de Gaia Liquid Bloom, Poranguí, Spice Traders Corazón de Gaia 2020 Digital Download
Poranguí Resueño Remixes Poranguí Poranguí Resueño Remixes 2020 Digital Download
Ocean of Remembrance (Sacred Blessings) Liquid Bloom, Poranguí Regen:Ambient Meditations 2020 Digital Download
Regreso al Agua Liquid Bloom, Poranguí Regreso al Agua 2020 Digital Download
Ayé Yewo Liquid Bloom, Poranguí, Spice Traders Ayé Yewo 2019 Digital Download
The Invocation Poranguí Suburban Gypsy 2019 Digital Download
Corazón Abierto Poranguí Suburban Gyspy 2019 Digital Download
Closing Prayer Poranguí Suburban Gypsy 2019 Digital Download
The Miracle of Life Jill Colucci, Poranguí Suburban Gypsy 2019 Digital Download
"Resonant Migrant feat. Deya Dove (Drumspyder Remix)" Liquid Bloom (Poranguí track used) ReGen: Drumspyder Remixes 2018 Digital Download
"Fire Gathering feat. Poranguí (Mose Remix)" Liquid Bloom & Poranguí Remix ReGen: Mose Remixes 2018 Digital Download
"Sacred Blessing feat. Poranguí (Mose Remix)"
"Ayahuasca" Liquid Bloom & Poranguí Remix From Sand To Stone 2018 Digital Download
"Arcoiris (Mose Remix)" Poranguí
"AtYya - Illumiate" Liquid Bloom Remix ft. Poranguí
"Sacred" J Brave (feat. Kayt Pearl & Poranguí) Sacred (Single) 2017 Digital Download
"Sacred Blessing (Re.Generations mix)" Liquid Bloom feat. Poranguí Re.Generations 2017 Digital Download
"Fire Gathering (Re.Generations mix)"
"Resonant Migration (Re.Generations mix)"
"Fire Gathering (ReGen: AtYyA Remix)" Liquid Bloom feat. Poranguí ReGen: AtYyA Remixes 2017 Digital Download
"Resonant Migration feat. Deya Dova (ReGen: AtYyA Remix)"
"Sacred Blessing (Kaminanda Remix)" Liquid Bloom feat. Poranguí ReGen: Lucid Remixes 2017 Digital Download
"Fire Gathering (Suduaya Remix)"
"Resonant Migration feat. Deya Dova (TRIBONE Remix)"


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