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Porges (Hebrew: פורגס‎‎) is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Gabriel Porges
  • Simon Porges (1801–1869) ∞ Charlotte Porges (1801–1869)
  • Julius "Jules" Porgès (born Yehuda Porges; 1839, Vienna - 1921), Austria-born Paris-based financier and Randlord
  • Nathan Porges (1848, Prostějov, Moravia - 1924), Czech-German rabbi
  • Moritz Porges (1857–1909), Jewish Czech chess player
  • Arthur Porges (1915, Chicago, Illinois - 2006), US pulp magazine author of short stories
  • Paul Peter Porges (born 1927, Vienna), Jewish Austrian-American cartoonist
  • Jan (Filip) Klusák (né Porges) (born 1934, Prague), Jewish Czech composer, author of film
  • Ingo Porges (born 1938, Hamburg), German footballer (de)
  • Stephen Porges (born 1945, New Brunswick, New Jersey), US Professor in the University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Seth Porges, technology journalist, television commentator, and editor at Popular Mechanics magazine
  • Nenad Porges (born 1946, Zagreb, SFR Yugoslavia, (now Croatia)), Croatian politician, businessman, entrepreneur and former Minister of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship
  • József Porgesz Hungarian: Porgesz József, Jewish Hungarian architect
  • Sigismund Porges
  • Waldo William Porges (1899-1976), Old Etonian and Queen's Counsel (UK), son of Gustav Porges, Quartermaster, American Expeditionary Force, WW1.

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  • Le Porge, commune in the Gironde department, Aquitaine, south-western France