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Seth Porges is an American science and technology journalist and television commentator; as well as the founder of the fashion app Cloth.[1] He appears on numerous television shows on the History,[2] National Geographic,[3] Discovery,[4] AHC,[5] and Travel[6] channels. Previously, he worked as a senior editor at Maxim magazine,[7] as an editor at Popular Mechanics magazine, as the technology columnist at Bloomberg News,[8] and as a writer for TechCrunch.[9] He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, and is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

Porges has appeared as a guest commentator on television networks such as MSNBC,[10] Fox News,[11] G4, Fox Business, and CNBC, as well as the Web shows TechVi [12] and Rocketboom.[13] His writing has appeared in publications such as BusinessWeek, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, and Editor & Publisher.[14] In 2014, he produced a documentary[15] about Action Park that went viral and is credited with inspiring the park to change its name.[16]

He is the son of neuroscientists Stephen Porges and C. Sue Carter, and is the subject of a song by musician Wesley Willis.[17] In 2009, he received attention for serving as a test pilot on the maiden voyage of an experimental pulse jet-powered carousel.[18] In 2006, he appeared as a contestant on Cash Cab. In 2011, he led a Twitter campaign that succeeded in causing Chipotle to list the presence of bacon in its pinto beans.[19] That same year, he was named one of The New York Observer's "50 Media Power Bachelors"[20] and one of Stylecaster's "Top 25 IT Kids of 2011".[21] He is a noted expert on the history of pinball.[22]


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