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Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryota
(unranked): Archaeplastida
Division: Rhodophyta
Class: Rhodophyceae
Order: Corallinales
Family: Corallinaceae
Genus: Porolithon
Foslie, 1909

Porolithon is a genus of red alga comprising 15 species.[citation needed] The Porolithon are the primary reef building algae. When coral reefs reach sea level, the corals break under the high energy impact of the waves, while the coralline red algae, primarily Porolithon, continuing building and cementing the reef structure.[1]


Some species in the genus are:

  • P. aequinoctiale
  • P. antillarum
  • P. castellum
  • P. cocosicum
  • P. colliculosum
  • P. conicum
  • P. craspedium
  • P. gardineri
  • P. improcerum
  • P. marshallensis
  • P. oligarpum
  • P. oligocarpum
  • P. orbiculatum
  • P. pachydermum
  • P. sonorense


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