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Origin Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genres Folk-rock
Years active 1974–1976
Labels Music Hall Records
Members left to right:
Charly García
León Gieco
María Rosa Yorio
Raul Porchetto
Nito Mestre

PorSuiGieco y su Banda de Avestruces Domadas, also known as Porsuigieco/PorSuiGieco, was a Folk-rock "super-band" by Charly García, Nito Mestre (from Sui Generis), Leon Gieco, Raul Porchetto and Maria Rosa Yorio (Garcia's wife). The band was active only in 1975. The only album that they released was Porsuigieco. They performed live only two times. After 1976, the band was dissolved. In 1978 they briefly reunited to play at a festival in Buenos Aires.



  1. Charly García: Keyboards, piano, vocals.
  2. Nito Mestre: Guitar, flute, vocals.
  3. León Gieco: Guitars, harmonica, vocals.
  4. Raul Porchetto: Guitar, vocals.
  5. María Rosa Yorio: Vocals.