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The following is the organization of the Confederate forces engaged at the Siege of Port Hudson, during the American Civil War in 1863. The Union order of battle is listed separately.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]

Department of Mississippi & East Louisiana[edit]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

District of East Louisiana[1][2]
     MG Franklin Gardner

Left Wing

   Col Isaiah G. W. Steedman

  • 1st Alabama: Col I.G.W. Steedman
  • 1st Mississippi: Maj Thomas H. Johnston
  • 39th Mississippi: Col W.B. Shelby
  • 10th Arkansas Infantry Regiment: Ltc E.L. Vaughan
  • 15th Arkansas: Col Benjamin Johnson
  • 18th Arkansas Infantry Regiment (Carroll's): Col W.N. Parish
  • Claiborne's Mississippi Light Infantry: Cpt A.J. Lewis
  • 9th Louisiana Partisan Rangers Battalion: Ltc J.H. Wingfield
  • 1st Mississippi Light Artillery (Bradford´s and Herod´s batteries)
  • Watson's Louisiana Battery: Lt E.A. Toledano
  • English's Mississippi Battery: Lt P.J. Noland

   BG William Beall

Right Wing

   Col William R. Miles

  • 9th Louisiana: Cpt T.B.R. Chinn
  • Miles’ Louisiana Legion: Ltc Frederick Brand
  • 23rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment: Col O.P. Lyles
  • Maxey's Brigade (provisional battalion): Col S.A. Whiteside
  • Boone’s Louisiana Battery: Cpt R.M. Boone
  • Seven Stars Mississippi Artillery: Cpt Calvit Roberts
  • DeGournay's Battery: Maj A. Merchant

   Col John L. Logan

  • 11th and 17th Arkansas (detachment): Col John Griffith
  • 9th Tennessee Battalion: Maj James H. Aiken
  • Cochran's Battalion
  • Garland's Battalion: Maj W.H. Garland
  • Hughes's Battalion: Ltc C.C. Wilbourn
  • Stockdale's Battalion: Ltc Thomas R. Stockdale
  • 7 Stars Mississippi Artillery (Robert's battery): Cpt Calvin Roberts

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