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Coordinates: 53°33′08″N 14°36′03″E / 53.55222°N 14.60083°E / 53.55222; 14.60083

Port Police, (Seaport, main gate)

The Port of Police [pɔˈlit͡sɛ] (in Polish generally Port Police) is a Polish seaport and deep water harbour in Police, Poland located on the west bank of the Oder River, off the Szczecin Lagoon.

In 2006, the cargo traffic in the seaport reached 2,445,500 tons, and it comprised 4.05% of all such traffic in Polish seaports.[1] In 2006, to the port passed 286 ships with a gross tonnage of over 100.[1]

The Port of Police has access to the Baltic Sea through the Szczecin Lagoon, Świna strait.


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