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All times in UT unless otherwise specified.

height=55pxNovember 2013
Date Time Celestial Object Category Event Mathematical Values
01 November Mercury Conjunction of planets Mercury at inferior conjunction
Venus Elongation Venus at greatest eastern elongation Elongation to the Sun = 46.6° East in Evening twilight.
Diameter = 7.3"
03 November Earth Eclipse Hybrid Solar eclipse of November 03, 2013
06:51 Moon Lunar node Moon at ascending node
00:50 Moon Lunar phase New moon Duration = 29d 11h 32m
Lunation= 1124
05 November Venus Constellation Venus enters into the constellation Capricornus
06 November 6:38 Moon Lunistice Moon at southern lunistice Declination = +19.5°
Direction = Furthest South
9:14 Moon Apsis Moon at perigee Moon-Earth Distance = 365,361 kms
Jupiter Retrograde motion Jupiter in retrograde motion in constellation Cancer
Saturn Conjunction of planets Saturn at superior conjunction
07 November Jupiter Stationary Jupiter at western stationary point
08 November Mercury Apsis Mercury at perihelion
10 November 5:58 Moon Lunar phase First quarter moon
11 November Mercury Stationary Mercury at western stationary point
12 November Meteoroid Meteor shower Taurids meteor shower from Comet Encke
15:40 Moon Equator crossing Equator crossing Direction = North going
13 November Neptune Retrograde motion Neptune in post retrograde motion in constellation Pisces
14 November Neptune Stationary Neptune at eastern stationary point
15 November 08:14 Venus Conjunction of planets Venus at Conjunction with Pluto Elongation to the Sun = 46.3° East
Angle Distance = '6°34' South
16 November Sun Constellation Sun enters into the constellation Scorpius
05:27 Moon Lunar node Moon at descending node
17 November Meteoroid Meteor shower Leonids meteor shower from Comet Tempel–Tuttle
15:16 Moon Lunar phase Full moon
18 November Mercury Elongation Mercury at greatest western elongation Elongation to the Sun = 19.3° East in morning twilight.
19 November 17:16 Moon Lunistice Moon at northern lunistice Declination = +19.5°
Direction = Furthest North
21 November Meteoroid Meteor shower Alpha Monocerotids or Monocerotids of November meteor shower from a long-period unknown comet
22 November 09:43 Moon Apsis Moon at apogee Moon-Earth Distance = 405,445 kms
25 November 19:29 Moon Lunar phase Last Quarter moon
Neptune Quadrature Neptune at eastern quadrature
26 November 03:39 Mercury Conjunction of planets Mercury at conjunction with Saturn Elongation to the Sun = 17.5° West
Angle Distance = 20' South
Mars Constellation Mars enters into the constellation Virgo
27 November 05:27 Moon Equator crossing Equator crossing Direction = South going
28 November Comet ISON or Comet Nevski–Novichonok Apsis C/2012 S1 at perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) Distance = 0.0124 AU (1,860,000 kms)
30 November 16:57 Moon Lunar node Moon at ascending node