Potatoes & You

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Potatoes & You
Ginger Potatoes.jpg
Live album by Ginger
Released 2005
Genre Rock

Potatoes & You is an acoustic live album that was available to buy at shows by The Wildhearts frontman Ginger. This album now can be downloaded for free at Ginger's official website.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Loveshit"
  2. "Show A Little Emotion"
  3. "Someone That Wont Let Me Go"
  4. "So Into You"
  5. "Weekend"
  6. "News Of The World / So Into You Reprise"
  7. "Some Rehearsed Improvisation"
  8. "One Love, One Life, One Girl"
  9. "Inside Out"
  10. "In Lilly's Garden" / "Someone That Wont Let Me Go"
  11. "Unlucky In Love" feat. guest vocalist Givvi Flynn
  12. "Just In Lust"
  13. "Bad Time To Be Having A Bad Time"
  14. "Only One Hell"
  15. "Looking For The One"
  16. "Shame On Me"

All songs written by Ginger unless noted otherwise.