Pratapgarh Estate

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Pratapgarh was an estate or Jagir of Oudh, India.

Other estates that were abolished in 1950[edit]

Presently, Pratapgarh district consist some other estate are as follow,


Bhadri was an estate near Kunda of Pratapgarh.[1]


Manikpur was an old estate of Pratapgarh district on the shore of Ganges. It was founded in 1080 by Raja Manik Chand, sibling of Maharaja Jaichand of Kannauj,


Amargarh estate was established by Raja Amar Singh. Raja Amar Singh and Raja Jabbar Singh of Ramganj Estate were real brothers. Amargarh estate consisted of 111 talukas and Ramganj estate consisted of 109 talukas. In 1860 soldiers of Amargarh estate defeated British army and captured their battle guns.



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