Predrag Ostojić

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Botvinnik vs. Ostojić (1969)

Predrag Ostojić (22 February 1938 — 5 July 1996) was a Yugoslav chess Grandmaster, born in Kraljevo. He won the Yugoslav Chess Championship in 1968 and 1971. His 5-year best rating is 2480, according to Dr. Arpad Elo.

He won the title of International Master in 1968 and of Grandmaster in 1975.

Tournament victories include equal 1st at Vrnjačka Banja 1975, 1st at Paris 1968, 1969 and 1970, San Juan 1971, Casablanca 1974, Hasselt 1974. Second places include Beverwijk 1968, Olot 1974, Cleveland 1975.

Ostojić was murdered by gangsters who threw him out of a window because of unpaid gambling debts.

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