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Preetz Abbey

Preetz Priory (German: Kloster Preetz) is a former German Benedictine nunnery in the town of Preetz, Schleswig-Holstein. It operates today as a residence for ladies.


The monastery was founded in 1211 by Graf Albrecht of Orlamünde, nephew of King Valdemar II of Denmark. He founded it following a mystical experience which he later recounted happened while he was stalking a deer. After following it into a glen, the deer stood still and he suddenly saw a gleaming cross appear between its antlers. He felt that the site was a holy place which he called the Field of Mary (German: Marienfelde) and, to honor the vision, founded a monastery of nuns at a location some 2 miles (4 km) away. A monastery on the actual site of the vision was built only in 1260. [1]

Suppressed in the 16th century due to the Protestant Reformation, it became an aristocratic Lutheran women's convent belonging to the Schleswig-Holstein knighthood. It continues in this capacity.


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