Pressure Point

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Pressure Point
Origin Sacramento, California, USA
Genres Punk, Oi!, Hardcore punk
Years active 1995-present
Labels GMM Records
TKO Records
Downtown Academy
Flat Records
Coldfront Records
Victory Records
Hellcat Records
Associated acts Deep Six
Steady Ups
Whiskey Rebels
The Roustabouts
Madhouse Disciples
Setting Sons
Members Mike Erickson
Kenny Beasly
Nate Alexander
Tony Courtney
Mike Montero
Past members Mike Hood
Mike G.
Mark Roustabout
Phil Jones
Nate Daskalos
Shane Ronan

Pressure Point is an American punk band from Sacramento, California, formed in 1995 by Mike Erickson and Kenny Beasley. Pressure Point includes Mike Erickson (Vocals), Kenny Beasley (Lead guitar), Nate Alexander (Bass), Tony Courtney (Rhythm guitar), and Shane Ronan (Drums). Mike and Kenny have been the only two continuous members of the band since its creation. The band started out of the ashes of their former band Deep Six.

They have played with some of the most notable Punk, Oi!, and Hardcore bands including Blitz, Agnostic Front, Swingin' Utters, Randumbs, Blood For Blood, Rancid, Angelic Upstarts, Anti-Heros The Adicts, and One Way System, have toured the U.S Extensively. One tour being with The Distillers and The Transplants . Lars Frederiksen of Rancid has produced 2 of their full-lengths, their EP, and their 7". He also appeared on the song "Here to Stay" from their newest full-length, Resist and Riot.


  • Give 'Em The Boot - Comp CD (Hellcat, 1997)
  • Cowtown Bootboys - Split 7" (Flat Records, 1997)
  • Youth On The Street - CD/LP (GMM, 1998)
  • Boots & Booze - Split 7" (Coldfront, 1998)
  • Cross To Bear - CD/LP (GMM, 1999)
  • Life's Blood - CD/EP (TKO, 2000)
  • East Vs West - 4-Way Split 7" (Victory Records, 2000)
  • To Be Continued... - CD/LP (GMM, 2001)
  • Pressure Point & Madhouse Disciples - Split CD (Downtown Academy, 2006)
  • Resist and Riot - CD/LP (GMM, 2007)
  • Get It Right - CD (GMM, 2008)


  • Death Or Glory Fest 2005 (Downtown Academy, 2006)

Compilation contributions[edit]

  • Skins and Pins I - V/A CD (GMM, 1998)
  • Punch Drunk - V/A CD (TKO, 1999)
  • Skins and Pins II - V/A CD (GMM, 2001)
  • Elves Built Me a Hotrod - V/A CD (Pus Cavern, 2002)
  • Sacto Scene Report - V/A CD (TKO, 2004)
  • Give 'Em The Boot IV - V/A CD (Hellcat, 2004)
  • Skins and Pins III - V/A CD (GMM, 2006)


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