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Prevx logo.png
Developer(s) Prevx
Stable release
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Anti-malware
License Proprietary (freeware and commercial)
Website Official Site

Prevx was a computer application designed for the removal of and protection from malware. There are separate real-time and on-demand versions. The software can remove low-risk adware for free, but the user has to purchase and enter a license key if it is more serious. Scanning can take anywhere from less than two minutes to five minutes.[1]


Tony Zaitoun, of, liked the software except that he had some confusion about configuring the interface and that key protection is disabled by default although the issue referenced has since been corrected.[2]


  • Editors' Choice by[3]
  • Platinum & Standard Checkmark by West Coast Labs[4]


Prevx stirred up controversy amongst the internet communities when they announced on November 27, 2009 that a recent Windows update was causing a "Black Screen of Death", affecting users of Windows XP, Vista and 7. They claimed this bug rendered the machine unusable. It was later discovered that the black screen was caused by a malware infection (with Daonol), unrelated to the Windows update. Prevx then apologized for its earlier claims.[5]


In November 2010 Prevx was acquired by US based Internet security company Webroot. The full conditions of the deal were not released but the announcement was made that Webroot will fully integrate Prevx's behavior-based antivirus technology into their existing software and also make Mel Morris, founder and chief executive of Prevx, the vice president of Webroot's Prevx division. Webroot has since discontinued the Prevx product line.[6]


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