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Original author(s)PrimeTek Informatics
Stable release
7.0[1] / March 18, 2019 (2019-03-18)
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Written inJava
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeJava, JavaServer Faces, Ajax
LicenseApache License 2.0[2]

PrimeFaces is an open-source user interface (UI) component library for JavaServer Faces-based applications, created by Turkish company PrimeTek Informatics.[3]


The initial development of PrimeFaces was started in late 2008.[4] Predecessor of PrimeFaces is the YUI4JSF library,[5] a set of JSF components based on YUI JavaScript library. YUI4JSF got cancelled [6] in favor of PrimeFaces in early 2009.

Since its release, PrimeFaces has been strongly supported by Oracle, particularly within the NetBeans world.[7]

Release history[edit]

Release Release date Highlights
PrimeFaces 0.8.1 2009-02-23 Introduced Captcha and resizable components and AJAX tab loading features were also added.
PrimeFaces 0.8.2 2009-03-26 Enhanced Carousel component.
PrimeFaces 0.8.3 2009-04-23 YUI upgraded to 2.7.0.
PrimeFaces 0.9.0 2009-06-15 Initial adoption of jQuery JS library for creating PrimeFaces widgets.
PrimeFaces 0.9.1 2009-08-04 New components such as Drag&Drop, Media, InputMask, Dock, outputPanel and many features for existing components.
PrimeFaces 0.9.2 2009-09-07 Layout and TabSwitch components.
PrimeFaces 0.9.3 2009-10-05 TouchFaces mobile UI kit, five new components (PickList, HotKey, VirtualKeyboard and reimplemented FileUpload, Tooltip components), improved portlet support, enhanced datatable and various improvements.
PrimeFaces 1.0.0 and 2.0.0 2010-02-15 First release with production ready status and suitability for JSF 2.0.
PrimeFaces 1.0.1 and 2.0.1 2010-04-19 New components (Dashboard, ProgressBar, MenuButton, Focus and ContextMenu), Spring WebFlow support and Security EL Extensions.
PrimeFaces 1.0.2 and 2.0.2 2010-05-31 New components (TreeTable, DataGrid, TimeLine and Spreadsheet)
PrimeFaces 1.1 and 2.1 2010-07-26 Last release targeting JSF 1.2.
PrimeFaces 2.2 2011-02-07 Initial portlet support enhancements, jQuery 1.43 and jQuery UI 1.8.5.[8]
PrimeFaces 3.0 2012-01-04 Fully reworked architecture for JSF 2.0, Update PrimePUSH and PrimeFaces Mobile, new components (TimeLine, FeedReader, Sheet, Subtable and new chart types).
PrimeFaces 3.1 2012-02-06 Accessibility enhancements for WAI-ARIA.
PrimeFaces 3.2 2012-03-12 New widget architecture, Themes upgrade, brand new components (BlockUI, MegaMenu, SplitButton, DefaultButton).
PrimeFaces 3.3 2012-05-29 Partial Submit and Selector API.
PrimeFaces 3.4 2012-09-03 Enhanced PrimePUSH framework based on Atmosphere based, Upgrade to jQuery 1.8.1 and jQuery UI 1.8.23.
PrimeFaces 3.5 2013-02-04 RTL Support, accessibility improvements, new components(Clock, Horizontal Tree)and many features for existing components.
PrimeFaces 4.0 2013-10-03 JSF 2.2 Support, Client Side Validation Framework, Dialog Framework, Search Expressions, Deferred Loading, brand new HTML5 FileUpload, new components(fragment, multiSelectListbox, sticky) and many features for existing components.
PrimeFaces 5.0 2014-05-05 Brand new chart API, new components(DataScroller, Cache, Spotlight, ColumnToggler and ContentFlow), Exception handler, PrimeFaces mobile(PFM) reimplementation, improved PrimePUSH, accessibility enhancements and many features for existing components.
PrimeFaces 5.1 2014-10-06 New components (Ribbon, InputSwitch, Barcode, and GridCSS), accessibility improvements and many features for existing components.
PrimeFaces 5.2 2015-04-08 New components (Diagram and Steps), accessibility enhancements and many features for existing components.
PrimeFaces 5.3 2015-10-19 New components (Signature Component and DragDrop Support for Touch Enabled Devices).
PrimeFaces 6.0 2016-06-07 New components (TimeLine, InputNumber, KeyFilter, ImportEnum, ImportConstants, Knob, Repeat), new theme called Omega, new CSS grid, accessibility enhancements and many features for existing components.
PrimeFaces 6.1 2017-04-19 JSF 2.3 support, new components (Organigram, TriStateCheckbox, Chips, TextEditor), accessibility enhancements and many features for existing components.
PrimeFaces 6.2 2018-03-01 New components (SideBar, InputGroups, AutoUpdate), new utility class for users (PrimeFaces.current() instead of RequestContext.getCurrentInstance(), security enhancements and many features for existing components.
PrimeFaces 7.0 2019-03-18 New components (DataView, ToggleSwitch and LinkButton), new themes (Nova and Luna) and icons, better performance, various enhancements on accessibility and security.


  • Over 100 UI components
  • Ajax Framework
  • Mobile UI Kit
  • Push Framework
  • Dialog Framework
  • Client Side Validation
  • Theme Engine
  • Search Expression Framework


Packt Publishing publish books on this technology.[9]

  • PrimeFaces CookBook (2013)
  • PrimeFaces Starter (2013)
  • PrimeFaces Beginner's guide (2013)
  • Learning PrimeFaces Extensions Development (2014)
  • PrimeFaces Blueprints (2014)
  • PrimeFaces Theme Development (2015)
  • PrimeFaces Cookbook - Second Edition (2015)


  • Building an App UI with PrimeFaces (2014)
  • Rapid Primefaces (2014)
  • Mastering PrimeFaces (2015)

See also[edit]

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