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Prince Daniel Timo[1]
Born (1975-06-23) 23 June 1975 (age 42)
Spouse Sandra Scherer (m. 2011)
Issue Princess Anna-Catharina
Prince Gero
House Wettin
Father Prince Ruediger of Saxony
Mother Astrid Linke
Religion Roman Catholic
Saxon royal family
Coat of arms of Wettin House Albert Line.png
  • HRH The Margrave of Meissen
    • HRH Prince Daniel
      HRH Princess Sandra
      • HRH Princess Anna-Catharina
      • HRH Prince Gero
    • HRH Prince Arne
      HRH Princess Sarah
      • HRH Princess Rosa
      • HRH Princess Frida
    • HRH Prince Nils
      HRH Princess Jedida
      • HRH Prince Moritz
      • HRH Princess Aurelie
      • HRH Princess Felicitas
  • HRH Princess Iris

Prince Daniel Timo of Saxony, Duke of Saxony (German: Daniel Timo Prinz von Sachsen, Herzog zu Sachsen; born 23 June 1975) is the oldest son of Prince Ruediger of Saxony,[2] a disputed Head of the Royal House of Saxony.[3]

Early life[edit]

The Crown Prince's standard (as Margrave of Meissen)

Prince Daniel was born in Duisburg, Germany. His mother was Astrid Linke (1949–1989)[4] a commoner who committed suicide.[5][6][7] He was raised in West Germany (Stein-Wingert), not returning to Dresden until well after the Berlin Wall came down.


After his secondary school exams he joined the army. He then studied business economics at Aachen for six semesters. He also trained in forestry[4] and in 2003 together with his father Prince Ruediger he founded the Wettinische Forstverwaltung (Wettin Forest Service).[8] Currently he works in the family business and organises exhibitions at one of the family palaces, Moritzburg Castle (which was the acclaimed baroque "hunting lodge" for ancestor Frederick Augustus the Strong or August der Starke in German).[4]

Since 2004 he has been a member of the municipal council of Moritzburg and the Meissen Kreis for the CDU party.[4]

Family and personal life[edit]

Before 2002, for a year, he was engaged to singer Christina Linhardt (a couple songs allude to their affair on her CD "Circus Sanctuary").[4] In 2011 he married Sandra Scherer,[9] a scientist, and on 13 January 2013 they welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Anna-Catharina Sophie,[10] His hobbies include hunting, culture, art, new media, computers, Internet (he built the website for his family), history of Saxony and politics.[4] and in 2015 the first son, named Gero Friedrich Johann. He is also a golfer and a founder of the Wettiner Golf Cup.[11]



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Prince Daniel of Saxony
Born: 23 June 1975
Line of succession to the Saxon throne
(Moritzburg line, disputed)
Succeeded by
Prince Gero of Saxony