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Numerous British vessels have borne the name Prince of Wales, after the then current Prince of Wales, the title borne by the heir-presumptive to the throne of the United Kingdom.

  • Prince of Wales was a transport carrying troops to Savannah, Georgia that the South Carolina Navy's vessels Hornet and Eagle captured on 1 April 1779.
  • Prince of Wales was a vessel belonging to the Excise service of Scotland that in 1799 was responsible for the coast between the Mull of Cantire and Cape Wrath. She was of 300 tons (bm), and armed with 20 guns. She had a crew of 50 men under William Murray.[1]
  • Prince of Wales (1786 ship), launched in 1779 but rebuilt in 1786, that made one trip transporting convicts and supplies to Botany Bay, and then carried a cargo for the EIC from Canton to Britain in 1787-89; she became a whaler, a privateer, a slave ship, was captured by a French privateer, was recaptured, and was last listed in 1810.
  • Prince of Wales (1789 ship) built at Hull, transported supplies to Botany Bay for the British government and then carried a cargo from Canton back to England for the British East India Company (EIC). She is last listed in 1811.
  • HM Packet Ship Prince of Wales - see The Sinking of the Rochdale and the Prince of Wales
  • PS Prince of Wales, a paddle steamer in service 1886–96


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