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Princess Patricia of Connaught

"Princess Pat", a favorite campfire song in North America,[1] began as a Military cadence of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry.[2]

The Real Princess Pat and her Colours[edit]

Princess Patricia, the Colonel-in-Chief, designed and made by hand the regimental colours of the Canadian Forces infantry regiment, named in her honour. They are a crimson flag with a circular purple centre. In the circle are gold initials V P which stand for Victoria Patricia. The regimental colours became known as the "Ric-A-Dam-Doo", reportedly from the Gaelic for "cloth of your mother". This colour was carried in every regimental action during World War I.

The Ric-a-Dam-Doo[edit]

The original Ric-a-Dam-Doo is now in The Military Museums in Calgary.

It's red and gold, and purple too.


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